Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mr A Meredith

CEO & Executive Headteacher

Miss O  Bartlett

Senior Assistant Headteacher and Specialist Leader in Education

Miss L Rowe

Assistant Headteacher

Miss S Riseborough

Inclusion Leader and Specialist Leader in Education

Mrs E Phillips

Maths Leader

Miss P Murphy

Higher Level Teaching and Learning Assistant

Mrs S Oates

Trust HR Manager

Early Years Team

Miss L Rowe

Class Teacher and Reception and KS1 Leader

Mrs E Murphy

Reception Teaching & Learning Assistant

Miss I Starmer

Reception School Direct Teacher

Year 1 and 2 Team

Miss M King

Year 1 Class Teacher and Science Leader

Mr G Hopkins

Year 1 Teaching & Learning Assistant

Miss C Cox

Year 2 Class Teacher and Computing Leader

Mr D  Pearce

KS1 Academic Mentor

Year 3 and 4 Team

Miss S Burring

Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs R Jones

Year 3 Teaching & Learning Assistant

Miss M King

Year 4 Class Teacher and History Leader

Miss L Grinney

Year 4 Teaching & Learning Assistant

Miss C Foster

Year 3 School Direct Teacher

Year 5 and 6 Team

Miss O  Bartlett

Year 6 Class Teacher and KS2 Leader

Miss  P  Murphy

Year 6 Teaching & Learning Assistant

Mrs E  Phillips

Year 5 Class Teacher and Maths Leader

Miss I Walter

KS2 Academic Mentor

Mrs V  Way

Year 6 School Direct Teacher

Specialist Staff

Miss S Risborough

Trust Inclusion Leader/SENCO

Miss N Cardew

PPA Teacher

Mrs K Powell

Family Support Advisor

Playworkers and Extended Schools Team

Mrs T  Edwards

Lead Playworker

Mrs G  Beasley

Playworker & Extended Schools Club

Miss T Gomes Da Silva


Miss T Collings


Mrs K Reynolds

Playworker and Extended Schools Club

Miss S Morris

Playworker and Extended Schools Club


Mrs A  Treseder

Senior Administrator

Mrs S  Oates

Trust Human Resources Manager

Mrs J  Legge

Trust Business Manager

Miss P Tucker

Business Administration Apprentice


Mr I  Stephens


Catering Team

Ms J Pawlus


Ms S Travers