Ofsted 2023

Tor Bridge Primary School celebrates Outstanding Ofsted rating!

One of only 3 schools to go straight to Outstanding from Inadequate in South West in last decade

Pupils “thrive” in “safe and stimulating” school – Ofsted

School offers “an ambitious and meticulously planned curriculum”

Pupils, staff and families at Tor Bridge primary school in Plymouth are celebrating being given an Outstanding rating by Ofsted inspectors. In a remarkable turnaround for the school, the highest possible Ofsted rating comes only five years after the school was rated as Inadequate in 2018. For any school to go straight from the lowest rating to the top in one jump is rare and Tor Bridge is one of only three schools in the SW region to achieve this result in the last decade.

The inspectors who visited the school on the 18th and 19th of October reported that: “Pupils thrive at Tor Bridge Primary School. They benefit from an ambitious and meticulously planned curriculum. This provides them with detailed knowledge, increased self-belief and a broad understanding of the wider world. The school believes there are no limits or barriers to what pupils can achieve. As a result, pupils are exceptionally well prepared for their next steps.”.

Pupils’ behaviour was also praised with the report highlighting that “Pupils’ conduct is exemplary. Classrooms are disruption free and pupils are enthusiastic about their learning.”

The school is part of the Inspire Multi Academy Trust South West and the inspectors also praised the leadership shown by senior staff saying: “Leaders model the high standards they expect. Staff then replicate this in classrooms, corridors, the lunch hall and during outside play…Pupils are taught how to behave well. Staff do this with kindness and warmth, so pupils rise to these high expectations.”.

Aaron Meredith, Executive Head Teacher, Tor Bridge Primary School and CEO Inspire Multi Academy Trust said: “I’m absolutely delighted that the Ofsted team saw what I am lucky enough to see every day; our amazing pupils and staff working together to create a wonderful learning environment for everyone. We have all worked so hard to build a new future for the school and make sure everyone gets the flying start they deserve so it’s extremely rewarding to see all the commitment and dedication being recognised with the highest possible rating Ofsted can award. We are one of very few schools in Devon ever to make the jump straight to Outstanding from the lowest Ofsted rating and so this achievement is all the more remarkable and as a school we are so thrilled.”

Olivia Bartlett, Head of School said: “It’s really rewarding for all of us at Tor Bridge to see the inspectors praise the ambitions, high expectations and achievements of our pupils and staff. We always want the very best for our pupils and we will continue to provide a positive, hard-working and welcoming environment for all of our children to thrive in. All the staff have shown such dedication and determination over the last few years so to see their efforts being recognised is extremely pleasing.’”

Rt. Hon. Johnny Mercer MP for Plymouth Moor View said: “I can’t tell you how proud I am of all the staff, pupils and families at Tor Bridge Primary School. It’s very rare for any school to go straight from being in Special Measures to being rated as Outstanding by Ofsted so this is a remarkable achievement. In one of the UK’s most deprived areas, they have created one of the UK’s leading schools, right here in Plymouth. I’d like to thank Aaron Meredith the CEO of the Inspire Trust for all he does for our community; from his engagement with me – almost weekly, to meeting the parents at the school gate, this is a man whose commitment to his pupils humbles me and inspires me in equal measure. He is a strong role model for our city, he’s even been known to slide fully suited and booted down a muddy water slide for the enjoyment of the children! Very well done to him and everyone at Tor Bridge Primary School.”