“It is lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development. It is about the understanding of the importance of marriage for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care. It is also about the teaching of sex, sexuality, and sexual health. It is not about the promotion of sexual activity – this would be inappropriate teaching.” (Department for Education and Employment, SRE Guidance, 2000).

From making responsible decisions about alcohol to succeeding in their first job, RSHE education helps pupils to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up.

There are four main aims for teaching SRE within the context of Primary School PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) Education:

• To enable young people to understand and respect their bodies, and be able to cope with the changes puberty brings, without fear or confusion
• To help young people develop positive and healthy relationships appropriate to their age,
development, etc. (respect for self and others)
• To support young people to have positive self-esteem and body image, and to understand the influences and pressures around them
• To empower them to be safe and safeguarded